Kobe has been Aiken's pride for the last twenty years. A small Japanese restaurant in a small South Carolina town, Kobe's well traveled customers will attest that the food can even outclass those from the big cities. Kobe has been voted "BEST of the BEST" by the Aiken Standard Reader's Choice Awards every year since 1996.

Guests gathering around the Teppanyaki table is the heart of Kobe's dining experience. Groups, families, friends, officemates and even just coming by yourself can let you enjoy the freshness of Hibachi style cooking on a steel grill right before your very eyes. We cut our meats on a daily basis (steak and chicken) to preserve freshness. Our seafood such as shrimp are also peeled and deveined manually on a daily basis. Our master chefs, with their years of training, will expertly prepare and cook food for you on the sizzling grill with mouthwatering juiciness. These chefs are not only culinary masters, but are also great entertainers. Each has their own personality and style of showmanship. All meals are served with our homemade sauces. The most popular, of course, is our original and distinct "white sauce." As we say here, "its good for everything." Other popular originals are the ginger sauce and hot mustard. We also take pride in our Sushi Bar, where our guests can experience both traditional and modern fusion sushi. We always make it a point to ensure that our customers only get fresh triple A sashimi grade fish on their sushi.


Celebrating your birthday at Kobe's is an experience like no other. We offer something uniquely different from what other restaurants have to offer.

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